CAN WAXED JACKETS BE DRY CLEANED? The Complete Guide to getting your Barbour smelling great again.

Barbour jackets are renowned for their lasting sturdiness and waterproof capabilities, and are a popular choice for British men and women. After time, dirt and filth will accumulate on the jacket, giving it a worn and faded appearance which can be avoided - trust us! However not everyone knows how to clean them properly, and if you do it poorly, your jacket may be irreparably harmed. In this post we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to take care of your Barbour wax jacket so it always looks brand new.

Can Waxed Jackets be Dry Cleaned? 

You most certainly can take your jacket to a dry cleaner, but we advise only for main task of cleaning the inner cotton lining. We also advise you do ask the right questions before handing it over, regardless of the costs.

  • Have you worked with Waxed Jackets before?
  • Are you confident you can get the stains and smells out?
  • Will your cleaning products cause any damage to the wax fabric?

The likely hood your will get damaged is slim if the dry cleaner has worked with waxed garments before, but please be aware this practice may remove the wax from the fabric - so be sure the ask any questions you have. After all - it's your jacket!

Can You Wash a Wax Jacket in the Washing Machine?

Unlike other types of apparel, wax jackets cannot be washed in a washing machine. This is because the heavy cotton cloth was coated with a special paraffin-wax coating to make it water resistant.

The protective oils that serve as a rain barrier will be peeled away after machine washing, rendering the jacket impermeable. You must avoid making this error at all costs since once it has occurred, the jacket cannot be repaired and the damage is irreversible. In order to keep your wax jacket functional in rainy weather, you need hand-clean and reproof it. 

Can you hand wash a Barbour Wax Jacket? 

Yes, it is possible to hand wash a Barbour wax jacket, but you should take extra care to protect the wax finish. The easiest way to wash the jacket if you decide to do so at home is to hand wash it in cold water with a mild natural detergent. 

Tips on how to Clean a Barbour Wax Jacket

Although taking care of a Barbour wax jacket is not difficult, it does need to be cleaned and maintained in a particular way. Here are some general instructions for maintaining your Barbour wax jacket:

  • Using a soft-bristled brush or lint roller, remove any loose dirt or debris from the jacket.
  • Use a moist cloth and mild soap to spot-clean any spots. If the mild soap does not appear to work use a natural product like white vinegar on the wax coating or the jacket might be damaged by applying harsh chemicals or detergents.
  • The jacket can be placed in a enzyme bath or dry cleaned if it requires a deeper clean. Please Research this before hand. It is advised to take it to a specialist cleaner like ourselves with knowledge of waxed cotton materials to carry out this procedure. 
  • Always Air-Dry your jacket on a hanger for a period of time no less than 24 hours. Check the ends of the cuffs, inner pockets and hem line for any damp spots before re-waxing.

How to Wash Your Polyester Barbour Liner?

As the liner is not a waxed garment, it can safely be washed in the washing machine on a low temperature. As there may be traces of wax on the liner we advise that you wash alone with no other clothing. 

Once the liner has been completely rinsed getting rid of any soap traces - remove from the washing machine. If the liner feels heavy with water Instead of twisting or wringing the lining, simply squeeze the extra water out and place on a hanger. 

How to get a Crease-Free Barbour jacket?

Here are some techniques for removing creases from a Barbour wax jacket:

  • Place the jacket on a hanger in the bathroom and use a hot shower or a steamer to remove the creases. The wax will soften and the creases will relax thanks to the heat and steam. Avoid contact with the hot water.
  • Put the jacket somewhere warm and sunny. The sun's heat might aid in relaxing the creases and softening the wax.
  • If the creases persist after attempting the aforementioned techniques, you can try heating and softening the wax with a hair dryer on a low heat setting before using your hands to delicately smooth out the wrinkles.

How to Remove the Smoke odour from a Barbour Jacket?

Here are a few ways to remove smoke smell from a Barbour jacket:

  • Hang the jacket outside in a well-ventilated area, or place it in a room with an open window. The smoky smell will lessen with the help of the fresh air.
  • Utilize items that neutralize odors. Dust the jacket with baking soda or charcoal, let it sit for a few hours, then shake and brush it off. Alternately, you can use sachets or sprays made specifically for clothing that neutralize odors.
  • The jacket could benefit by hanging it directly in the sun because the sun's ultraviolet radiation can assist to eliminate odors. Please do not leave for too long as the sun may draw out the colour of the fabric.

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