Oily Jack Service Disclaimer / Consumer Rights Act 2015

When you place a item of clothing to be re-waxed you are making a legally binding contract with Oily Jack England, which is covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This law sets out what you are entitled to expect from every contract that involves the supply of a service, such as reproofing.

The key rights are:

  • the service must be carried out with reasonable care and skill. A re-waxer must carry out the reproofing service to the same or similar standard to that which is considered acceptable within service industry.
  • information about a trader or service is legally binding. Anything said or written down by a re-waxing (or someone acting on their behalf) about themselves or the re-waxing service forms part of the contract if you take the information into consideration before you agree the contract or if you make a decision about the service after the contract is made
  • reasonable price to be paid for a service. You are only required to pay a 'reasonable' price for the re-waxing service that Oily Jack England provides unless the price (or the way in which the price is worked out) is fixed as part of the contract. The cost is usually fixed in advance with reproofing.
  • the service must be carried out within a reasonable time. Sometimes the contract will fix the time that a re-waxing service must be completed within. If the time has not been fixed then the service must be completed 'within a reasonable time'

Owners Risk Information

Problems can arise due to the fact that high value and designer items are not always tested against BS/ISO standards to ensure a reliable response to the re-waxing processes.

Although we will process your order with every care, we have to inform you that following detailed examination of your garment we are not entirely confident that it will re-wax to your satisfaction or ours, as we believe that there is a risk of:

  • Shrinkage / Distortion ( in excess of 3% )

  • Colour Loss/Migration

  • Degradation of surface effects

  • Damage to beads and or trimmings 

    We also need to bring to your attention the following, if noted when your garment is deposited for rewaxing:
    1. Staining

    2. Heavy and extensive staining/soiling

    3. Abrasion Damage

    4. De - lamination/shrinkage of interlinings

    5. Buttons missing/damaged

    6. Tears/Rips/Split Seams

    7. Other 

    If we do acknowledge any of the above we will contact you before the service proceeds that the item may be at risk if rewaxed. If you agree to continue with the service I therefore instruct you to accept that Oily Jack England will have no liability should my garment fail in any of the above areas, which have been brought to your attention. By continuing to go ahead with the service you accept that this is a waiver of your statutory rights and this waiver will only operate in relation to the garment / item specified in this disclaimer.