Clean your jacket in Step 1...

Before re-waxing, make sure the surface of your jacket is clear of all dirt and debris to allow the wax to adhere uniformly and coat the barrier properly.
Lay your jacket out on a spotless, dry surface and use a bristle brush to carefully scrub away any mud, dirt, or extra wax. You should treat any stained or moldy spots of your jacket right away if they developed while it was in storage. White vinegar should be carefully applied to the area after any mold has been brushed away with a cold, moist (but not wet) cloth. 10 minutes later, carefully remove this.

Use a sponge and cold water to wash the exterior of the jacket to clean it. Avoid using hot water, any form of soap, and NEVER wash the jacket in a washing machine as doing so will permanently remove the wax coating and make it impossible to re-wax it.

Step 2: Let the wax soften...

A tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing is required. Take off the lid and place the dressing tin in a pan of water that is hot enough to melt the wax. The wax should melt into a liquid consistency in about 20 minutes.

Wax your jacket in Step 3...

Work the melted wax well into the jacket with an old cloth, rag, or sponge, giving close attention to the seams, wrinkles, and dry areas. Remove any extra wax by wiping. To maintain the wax softened while working, you should keep the wax tin submerged in the hot water. Add extra hot water to the container if the wax starts to solidify. Make sure to avoid getting wax on the corduroy collar, the interior of the jacket, or the interior of the pockets.

Dry your jacket in Step 4...

Hang the jacket up after rewaxing it. Overnight drying is recommended for the jacket in a warm location away from other clothing. Take care not to get your freshly waxed jacket close to leather or furniture because the jacket may temporarily lose any extra wax.

Re-wax your jacket once a year in Step 5...

Depending on how frequently you wear it, we advise re-waxing your jacket once a year to ensure that it will last for many adventures to come.

Handy Advice
Avoid using a washing machine or a dryer.
Avoid ironing
Don't scrub to clean.
Avoid using boiling water.
Do not use soap or detergent.
Avoid spending too much time near a direct heat source, such as the sun.
To keep your jacket in the best possible form and appearance, hang it up.
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